While My Guitar…..

While My Guitar…..

In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive.
Lee Iacocca

My only goal at the end of the day is to produce music that will have some meaning. Somewhere, someway, I just want to touch someone’s life. Not in anger, not in remorse. In love. It’s kind of like George Harrison, I think he said best what I feel right now. On that Note I share with you…..

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  1. BEEP: Jaz… Thank you for posting this one…. I had forgotten that this song is my all-time favorite Beatles song, and for a re-introduction to the pleasures of blogging, it is perfectly timed. I do like the version with Clapton, too…. but this one, to my mind, epitomizes the best of almost everything the band did, whether together, or individually…. just my opinion, but, arguably valid, I think…. Regardless of that, thanks for the post…. 🙂 BEEP

  2. whenever igo through personal struggles, my art turns horrid. the colors, no matter how fresh when i started, turn out muddy… of course, that’s a reflection of my psyche. my drawings are ultra sensitive and great, and i found that my writing has more depth during times of introspection.

    after i work through my problems, i can switch back to working in color. i know not to touch color while i’m out of balance with my ‘center.’ remember that the sunlight is always there, but sometimes we have to go through dark times to appreciate the sun. also remember ‘ all sunshine makes the desert.’ (arabian proverb).. we don’t grow when life is perfect, but wow, it’s nice when things go well!

    we have to reflect on why we allow others to punch our buttons and learn not to react, as in reacting, they have power over us. we have to go within and find our center and come back out again – grounded and sure of our path, and it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks or says – what matters is that you/i stay true to ourselves.

    turn this in a direction that can be a positive one for you, otherwise the same karma, no matter where it’s coming from or why, it’s going to keep coming round til you master whatever lesson is there for you.. or, i chuckle, it will be waiting to pounce on you again and again until you figureout what it is there to learn. but you have to master it, or it’s going to keep coming back. when you lose your temper, it might make you feel better at that moment, but it’s not the most productive answer.

    i’m about to be offline more than on until the weekend, but i should be online at night.

    use this for your personal growth. go inward. don’t worry what anyone else says – yours is not their life to live, it’s yours, and you can’t let them trip you and pull you to a lower level. you’ve worked too hard!

    you can master this! we’re all here cheering for you!

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