Moving On….

Moving On….

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. Mark Twain

Man do I ever let things get to me. I really have to learn to stop being so sensitive. My problem is I feel too much that can’t be helped. I hurt over things that are really beyond my control. I was talking to my very good friend Rick last night and he pointed out that I should not react to people that are pointless in my life. I know he is right. I even have to learn to not take everything my husband says so seriously. I need to just do what I do and not allow people that are negative to have such a hold over my heart because it hurts. I love my husband but he can be the worst pessimist about everything and I am never going to be able to change that, ever. I know that and I need to stop trying. I play guitar the way I do and he’s just going to have to learn to accept that and stop criticizing me. I am not him, I am not a lead guitar player, nor do I want to be. I am a vocalist first and foremost.  I have to let go of the people that are hurting me because it holds me back and the pain that it causes is unbearable. So on that note I am moving on, I have no choice because if I keep allowing this crap to hurt me I am going to become stagnant and unresponsive. To hell with that! 🙂 With that I leave you with Bad Company….


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  1. Such an easy/hard lesson, eh? But I have found that if I just change my reaction to the negative people (ignore, walk away, move on, etc.), the whole scenario changes along with it. So hang in there. It works. ;>

  2. Thats in fact right – you cannot change people , you can only change your point of view and the degree of your own tolerance level towards them – and in fact one thing is true – you should ´nt take a lot of things too serious , if you agree with yourself , why should you listen to other people if they don´t :-)…………….

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