Searching for Impossible Love….Aquarius Horoscope


Aquarius Horoscope for week of February 14, 2013

Verticle Oracle cardAquarius (January 20-February 19)
“All these years I’ve been searching for an impossible love,” said French writer Marguerite Duras late in her life. The novels and films she created reflect that feeling. Her fictional characters are often engaged in obsessive quests for an ideal romance that would allow them to express their passion perfectly and fulfill their longing completely. In the meantime, their actual relationships in the real world suffer, even as their starry-eyed aspirations remain forever frustrated. I invite you, Aquarius, to celebrate this Valentine season by taking a vow of renunciation. Summon the courage to forswear Duras’s doomed approach to love. 

You need love almost as much as you need food and drink. Not just any old kind of love, though: It has to be high-minded and mysterious, and neither sentimental nor tormented. Hoping to steer you towards what you really need, I’m offering you the poetic words of Pablo Neruda. Say or write them to the person whose destiny needs to be woven more closely together with yours: “Our love is like a well in the wilderness where time watches over the wandering lightning. Our sleep is a secret tunnel that leads to the scent of apples carried on the wind. When I hold you, I hold everything that is–swans, volcanoes, river rocks, maple trees drinking the fragrance of the moon, bread that the fire adores. In your life I see everything that lives.”



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  1. Wow. I love the poetic words of Pablo! That is a beautiful sentiment–part of the larger wiser one that this horoscope is. Go figure! A wise horoscope. Not so common that–so especially well done, Jazzy Girl!!

  2. Hi Jaz, Thanks for your “like” for my poem, and for your interesting blog as well. It is good to know how many wonderfully aware folk are out there these days. I like certain aspects of Buddhism very much and find that incorporating them into my daily life has been of great help to me. AS an eclectic mystic and poet, I honor all positive paths Higher Consciousness, and enjoy the journey for its own sake myself. Thanks for your company along the way. Hugs and Blessings from Tasha

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