The philosophy of the wisest man that ever existed, is mainly derived from the act of introspection. William Godwin

Ok, I admit it, I have been in a very introspective mood the last couple of days. It’s something that always happens after my birthday and is only me looking into myself and figuring out what things I need to do to improve and how to amend mistakes I made the year before. Man I had a long list. That’s ok, that just means that I am growing. I have so much that I want to accomplish personally, with my music, with my family. I must admit I am one of the luckiest people in the world. I have a beautiful husband who loves me, I have my Mom and daughter, Kira, that absolutely adore me, I am fortunate enough to get work doing the things I love, music and writing. What more could I ask for? Ok, if someone will just fix my dripping kitchen sink all would be good! 🙂 With that I leave you with Joe Walsh…


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  1. Jaz….. SIGH… if only more people in this world spent a bit of time in introspection, it would be a different world indeed…. You seem to have done so enough to understand that we all may only feel as much joy as we have endured pain, and that each makes the other worthwhile…. 🙂

    Even dripping faucets aren’t enough to disturb that kind of serenity!….

  2. You are blessed indeed Jaz – and I am very happy for you.

    Blessed is she who is happy with what she has
    For she thanks God with her happiness
    However small His Gifts

    – the above does not relate to any particular faith but I thought of sharing it with you.

    Peace, Eric

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