Salmon Fighting to Spawn….

Salmon Fighting to Spawn….

My life is what a salmon must feel like. They are always going upstream, against the current. Laura Schlessinger

Last night was a bloody nightmare my friends. We simply could not get our sound dialed in. We finally did on the 3rd set and I realized our mistake. We should have started really low and worked our way up. We spent the entire first set trying to get it dialed in and then by set two I was so frustrated I wanted to cry. We had a few people show up to hear us last night and we simply couldn’t get it online and I was so embarrassed! That is not us….I just want everyone to know that we don’t ever struggle that hard. It made it really hard for me to relax last night. I may have looked like I was having fun, or trying to have fun, but inside I was crying. Ciest La Vie…… With that I leave you with some breakfast :)……


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  1. Asi es la vida, indeed, my dear…. It’s always hard to deal with the lows when they’re happening, but, we gotta have ’em to recognize the highs…. 🙂 Next time will be twice as hot, no worries….

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