Carpe Diem….

Carpe Diem….

“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.” ― Benjamin Franklin

The weather was not cooperating yesterday, so the only thing I accomplished was to secure a PT/FT job with a local house painter. It was completely unnessesary for me to get a job, but I wanted to have a little something extra to achieve some personal goals over the next few months. The writing has been slow the last two weeks and the only other thing on my plate really is working on the acoustic project. I found a Fleetwood Mac song that I am going to do called “I Don’t Want To Know” and I have asked a friend of mine to translate a song I wrote into Welsh for me. The only other thing is I am translating Llongau Caernarfon back from English to Welsh. It’s beautiful outside so I am taking mom to get her haircut and then I think we are going to go to lunch. After that it’s back into the painter’s whites I go, I roll, I roll, it’s painting the house I roll….LOL 🙂 With that I leave you with FM…..

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  1. Milady Jaz,

    As part of being nominated for the Very Inspiring Blog Award, which elliebloo, ( whose site is at: ) honored me with, I am to nominate 15 blogs that inspire me… Yours is one of those blogs, and has been ever since I first came to read your work…. Thanks for being part of the WP family, and for all the inspiring work I read here….. You can find your nomination, and the rules for acceptance, here:

    ~~ gigoid, the dubious….. 😆

  2. I recently read Adam Ant’s autobiography, and he often painted people’s walls as a kind of therapy…and indeed , it is the kind of thing you can empty your mind with. Me, when I’m stressed or troubled, I usually do the dishes! (get’s me some brownie points with the other half too! LOL)
    Oh, and the weather’s not co-operating here, either – we just had a thunderstorm, pretty rare down these parts…. have a great week Jaz.

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