All Sunshine and Flowers……


I wish I could be all sunshine and flowers for you but life just doesn’t work that way. I adore you all and I am trying my best to be smiley, but at the end of the day I am crying.


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  1. the song isn’t really one that fits you and your music, but there are some lines in this song that i think you will appreciate. they also might make you cry, which is, of course a catharsis, and then you make one itty bitty baby step toward the light of being fully alive in this world. it’s your duty to yourself and your destiny that you don’t give depression the power to hold you back.

    hang in there, but force yourself to do something that gives you joy – and NO LOOKING BACK.. you have to look forward. go plant a tree or ten or a hundred! plant a memorial flower bed where you can see it and she can smile at you through the flowers that bloom..


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