How Do You Tell Someone that You Love…


How do you tell someone that you love that they are destroying your life? I have tried and tried to tell my Mom that she is taking me down with her, maybe that’s what she wants. I don’t really understand why she would have some nepharious desire to destory me too. She’s done a fine job of ruining herself, why me too? I know you guys on the outside don’t really understand this but her church can barely understand or tolerate her. I don’t know what to do?????? I am in a quandry and in a labyrinth of confused feelings and emotions and the one that surfaces first is anger. HELP????

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  1. You’re empowering her by letting her. No one can do to you what you don’t let them do to you. I speak from experience, except that in my case it was about 2,000 relatives. I’m estranged from all but one. As Louise Haye says, “You didn’t get to choose which family you were born into but you can choose which family is in your life at any given time.”

  2. You sit her down–when she is as sober/focused/non-combative as she can be–and you speak from the heart. If it reaches out and touches herthe way this post did me-why, the battle is half won. Best wishes, hunny…heart

    • Thank you Charron. It’s been a difficult month and I think it’s going to get better. Knock on wood, wish upon a star, throw salt over my left sholder and cross my fingers LOL Thank you 🙂

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