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Costume Done!


Well, here it is. I spent all day working on my masquerade costume for New Year’s Eve when we play at The Frontier Club in Meridian. I had bought this dress at a thrift store a couple of years ago for like $5 with the intention of using it for something and it was perfect for my saloon girl dress. It was actually pretty easy, I just slit the front open, sewed the two sides, punched holes and ran satin ribbon criss cross through it for a bodice. Then I slit the front of the waist down and made a drape effect to show the red satin lining. I still have to finish the mask, so far I have put a black glitter glue design around the eyes and added the red and peacock feathers. I have to wait for the glue to dry over night and I am going to punch a hole under the feathers and add some satin ribbon strands under the feathers. After that all I need is fishnet hose and I am ready! What do you think? I am very pleased with the results and think it’s gonna look really cute…. Miss Lilly requested that I post another song so I am posting our live version of Landslide from the BoEx benefit gig for Baby Maxwell on October the 26th, hope you enjoy! 🙂