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Aquarius Horoscope for week of November 22, 2012

Verticle Oracle cardAquarius (January 20-February 19)
Psychologists have done studies that suggest we subconsciously adopt the qualities of fictional characters we read about or see in movies. That’s not a problem if those characters are smart, ethical, highly motivated people whose ideals are similar to ours. But if the heroes of the stories we absorb are jerks who treat others badly and make messes wherever they go, our imitative urges may lead us astray. Right now is a crucial time for you to be extra careful about the role models you allow to seep into your imagination. You’re especially susceptible to taking on their attributes. I say, be proactive: Expose yourself intensely to only the very best fictional characters who embody the heights you aspire to reach. 

Build a plush orphanage in Minsk 
Feel sorry for a devious lawyer 
Rebel against your horoscope 
Give yourself another chance 
Write your autohagiography 
Play games with no rules 
Teach animals to dance 
Trick your nightmares 
Relax and go deeper 
Dream like stones 
Mock your fears 
Drink the sun 
Suck gravity 
Sing love

Who are my heroes? My Grandma is my biggest hero. She always told me I was beautiful and I could be anything I wanted to be. She supported me as an artist, musician, she made me get involved in gymnastics and dive team, she taught me how to sew and cook, and she always loved me unconditionally. She is my biggest hero and I miss her dearly.

I’m not a big country fan but the song fits! 


Grandma En Memorium

Grandma En Memorium

Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever.  ~Author Unknown

My grandmother was never this deep philosophical well that you had to fall into to understand her. She was this very beautiful, intelligent and artistic woman who simply told it like it is. I had a moment of Memorial Day nostalgia today when I was walking. Every year my Grandma would decorate the family graves of our fallen family members. Not all succumbed to war, per say. Each had succumbed to health wars, birth wars and many wars I didn’t know or even begin to understand at my young age. I asked my Grandma once why we went to decorate the graves every year. In my grandmother’s simple way she said, “Because we must always remember, and never, ever forget and leave those we love behind.” I never really understood that altruism until I got much older. She was a smart woman and, like I said, not deeply philosophical, just down to Earth. After the graves were decorated I could always count on a trip to the Purple Turtle for a chocolate dipped ice cream cone, the best to be found in 100 miles, and of course, my grandma knew this. I miss you grandma. 

I used to think Boston was singing when Marion walks away, which is my grandmother’s name. I know now it’s Marianne, but this is still my grandma’s song from me.