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Crazy Dayz

Crazy Dayz

Always gotta keep busy or the voices start telling me to do wild things. Steve Brown

This has been a very busy and creative week for me and Kira. We completed 10 of the light switch covers, I finished a new sketch and finished writing a new song with Michael. Unbelievable, even to myself, I managed to finish planting my entire garden and managed to read 3 books. Yes, I finished that damn civil war book, read a biography of Harriett Tubman and read another autobiography about the true story of a slave girl that finally managed to escape from her oppressors. I have now started reading another book about the war in the west during the civil war era. I don’t know what’s gotten into me but this last week has been one of my most productive in months and I’m loving every minute of it.

Here is the sketch called “Masquerade” drawn from a photo I saw on a blog:


 And here are some pics of the light switch covers we painted:





























Needless to say it has been a busy, busy week and here’s how Kira looked after all was done and said: