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“There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.” ― Bob Ross

We had a girls night out last night, three generations of strong, independent women, and it was wonderful! We had decided to go to The Olive Garden for dinner but I wanted to get my daughter a journal that she had asked for so while they went over to get seated I went into Michael’s crafts to look for a journal. I was walking down the main isle when what should come across my line of vision but a Buddhist pendant. I have been looking for a pendant but had been unable to find the one I wanted. Bam! Just like that a a pendant carved out of stone of the two golden fish symbol in Buddhism was staring me right in the face.

The two golden fish represent *”the state of fearless suspension in a harmless ocean of samsara, metaphorically often refer to buddha-eyes or rigpa-sight; symbolises the auspiciousness of all sentient beings in a state of fearlessness without danger of drowning in the Samsaric Ocean of Suffering, and migrating from place to place and teaching to teaching freely and spontaneously just as fish swim freely without fear through water.” It is so serendipitous and so symbolic of the state of my being right now. It was perfect, and to top it off dinner was perfect and we had the best bonding time. I couldn’t ask for more!