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Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

TIGER EYE is a Very Strong Stone. It Unites so many powers all together. It brings protection from the Evil EyeTigers Eye Stone is also used for protection against all forms of danger. It always been considered Strong TALISMAN in many cultures, especially against the Evil EyeTiger Eye was used by Aztecs to Protect their HOME from Negative Forces and Energies of their enemies. They Believed that Tiger Eye Stone will Keep their Home and Family Safe at all times. It was believed that a person possessing one could see everything, even behind closed doors. Tiger Eye stone has been used through the ages to avert the Evil EyeTiger Eye helps to defeat negative forces.

I got this beautiful Tiger’s Eye ring from my Grandmother when she passed and recently read something that has made me start wearing it. I have read that is a great protection against your enemies. It is also supposed to bring one good luck. I’m all about getting every bit of protection and luck that I can. I don’t know how much truth there is behind this, but heck, what have I got to lose. Here is a pic of the ring….Tiger's Eye

With that I leave you with Survivor….