Ok the Votes Are In…..


I have decided to start with “Whiskey in the Jar” for 2 reasons, it’s a really easy song, and I like it. :). I’m going to take it for a test drive when we play Crescent Brewery tonight. It’s probably going to be quiet this evening because we are competing with The Caldwell Nights Rodeo and the opening of the Fair in Boise so I have no high hopes of having a crowd this evening. If we do get a small group I would be surprised, so no better time than now to try out new songs. I really love the song “Papillon”, which means butterfly, but I have to sit down with Michael and figure out the chord progressions. I hope to have that one ready by the Celtic Festival as well as “Raggle Taggle Gypsio”. Michael has spent all summer getting our home studio ready and it’s going to be taken out for its first “real” spin this week. It is my goal to have a CD ready to go in a month with 10 songs on it. 3 originals, 5 or 6 Celtic songs and we are going to re-record “Landslide” with the new interlude Michael has been playing and “Rhiannon” When we went in the studio and recorded those over 4 years ago I was deathly sick and didn’t do as well on the vox as I should have or could have. So, I leave you with “Whiskey in the Jar” The Dubliners version, not Metallica’s version 🙂 …..

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