Top 10 reasons for adopting a dog from Second Chance Dog Rescue


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Second Chance Dog Rescue logoPlease consider adopting from Second Chance Dog Rescue. All dogs available for adoption are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and up to date on their shots.

Top 10 reasons for adopting a dog from Second Chance Dog Rescue:

  1. Instant best friend!
  2. You have a buddy to watch bad movies with.
  3. You can decline invitations without offending anyone. “I can’t go. I have to feed and walk the dog.”
  4. You won’t need an electric blanket for those cold winter nights.
  5. Your new friend will always be there to listen to your problems.
  6. Your new friend won’t judge you.
  7. You’ll never be lonely.
  8. You’ll have a jogging partner.
  9. They won’t tell on you when you eat an extra piece of pie.
  10. No more pouring down the sink the leftover milk in the cereal bowl.

Upcoming events for Second Chance Dog Rescue:

  • September 7, Pet Adoption Event at Petco, 3495…

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