Rolling Like a Freight Train…..


Sometimes it feels like this summer is never going to stop! Beyond our normal gig schedule we have had children visiting from out of town, one more, Michael’s son, Michael, is coming on Friday from Missouri. Kira, my daughter, was just here in her transition between Pocatello to Seatle and back from Seatle to Pocatello. Right before that Michael’s grandchildren, mine by marriage, and their mother Kat came to visit from Missouri. I have also been trying to get the exterior of our house painted as well as helping Judy, my sister-in-law, get the interior of her house painted and ready for her to move into. Her house is just about done and I am happy with what I was able to do for her, I caulked and painted all the interior trim as well as other miscellanious touch ups. The only thing left is her bath and I don’t know if I will get around to that or not. I am sure going to try. Along with all of this my mom just got out of the nursing home she was recovering in a few weeks ago so I have been dealing with that transition as well as handling all her doctor’s appointments and cooking her meals every night and caring for her cats and lawn. I’m kind of exhausted.

I am actually looking forward to summer being over and things settling down. The last of the summer festivals is in sight, and mind you I am very excited about the next 2 festivals, Hyde park Curb A Faire and The Celtic Festival. At the same time I am tired and a little stressed out. Beyond that I am finding ways to relax when I can. I spend time with freinds on FB and share their events and joys, this gives me happiness. I am also growing a small indoor herb garden which, thankfully, now that the hard part is over just requires a little watering and spritzing every other day. Other than that I am enjoying sitting in my room and rehearsing on my guitar.

My life is stressful and when I was a little girl I never imagined that life would get in the way of me playing music, but it does. In all it’s wonderful, chaotic tendancies it does. AT the end of the day, I am so busy sometimes I can’t think, at the end of the day I have a wonderful family that loves me and a husband I wouldn’t trade for the most awesome guitar skills. In many ways my life is priceless and I need to absolutely remember that in times when I get really stressed out. Peace to you my friends and thank you for taking the time to read myh little story…… BTW, this is my beautiful daughter Kira Shanel.Kira

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