Your Opinion Please….


I like to hear people’s opinions (mostly LOL). Anyway, here are 3 songs I want to learn and I would like to know which you like best. Please send me a message with your choice. One is Welsh and the other 2 are Irish.

You may recognize the last song as a version of a song Metallica did

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  1. Though I enjoyed all 3 songs, Whiskey in the Jar has been one of my favorites forever… I did like the Metallica version, but the Dubliners gave it a very homey classic sound that is special… I wonder what the Young Dubliners could do with it? Any who, the first, Welsh song, suits your style, and voice, but all three would be good additions to your playlist… just an opinion, fwiw…

    I do play some guitar, and sing, in a half-assed baritone, myself, for over 40 years now, but, never played for more than beer…. trains, parties with my buddy, small gigs, just to play…. one item on my bucket list is to tour Ireland with my guitar, hitting all the pubs, so I could learn some of their best music, from the source… Working on that for next year, or maybe 2015…. Any who, I’m glad I stopped by… Oh, and wanted to thank you again… I found the site where your dress came from, so I can get one for my lady…. A bit self-serving, I know, because I’m the one who gets to enjoy her wearing it, but, she’ll look wonderful in one of them… as I’m sure you will… so, thanks… 😀

    • Gigoid we should go on tour together. We could hit Ireland then Wales! Thank you for taking the time. FYI Papillon means Butterfly incase you were wondering LOL! Hope your lady likes the dress I sure like mine. It is handmade and absolutely beautiful. You don;t realize it until you actually feel the material against your skin! TY again! Peace Jaz

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