Almost Back to Normal……


It has been a very busy and long summer. My dress arrived from India for the Celtic Festival and it is really beautiful! Our summer is about to wind down and we will be getting into the normal swing of things after the Celtic Festival, our last Festival of the summer, is over on September 21st. The contract is signed and in fact we got a raise from last year! YAY! The set list is complete and I am excited about this years festival because I have so many more songs this year than I did last year. We are back at Crescent Brewery this Saturday, one of our most favorite venues to play. I would like to get us out to more venues but our schedule has been so very hectic that I just haven’t had a chance to even attempt other venues other than Artistblue Gallery this summer. We do hope to get in the studio next week to get an album put together of about 10 songs, some Welsh some Celtic and some originals that I wrote over the last couple of years.  Anyway here is a photo of the dress.

Dress for Celtic Festival!

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