Crescent Brewery Rox!!!!


We got handed the best surprise Saturday night! When we went to play at Crescent Brewery I really wasn’t expecting too much of a turnout because of the Rodeo goin on and the opening night of the fair in boise. To my surprise we had a great turnout. Everyone had so much fun and there isn’t a “dance” floor but a few couples made their own dance floor. We started early and ended late and had such a great time. AT the end of the night Michael and I closed out with 3 songs we haven’t done in a while, We played “Cold Shot” by SRV, “Stormy Monday” by the Alman Brothers and “House of the Rising Sun” by the Animals. It was really a great night and as always Crescent Brewery is one of our favorite venues to play! Next up is Artistblue Gallery on August 30th at 8 pm. Taking Down Giants will open up the night. The Gallery is a great new venue inside Karcher Mall with tons of eye candy. There is artwork from local artists adorning the walls and shelves, a great collection of books on sale and the gallery does framing. They offer Italian Sodas and on music nights they offer catered food from Northern Lights Grill and beer from Crescent Brewery. Here are pics from Saturday night.

2 Beginning of the night Betsy Billy Louisiana Black dress girl Bob Liver Brother Bob Brother Bob 2 Crescent Crowd Crowd 2 Crowd 3 CYMRY 1 CYMRY 2 Flip off guy Goofy guy Green couple Huggy Girl Jerry Jesus Jody and her crown Kisses Lonnie Mike Open Stilletto Three little indians Yellow guy Zeniff

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